Riddex Plus Review

Hello and thanks for visiting this Riddex Plus Review. Are you having trouble controlling pests and rodents in your home? Riddex Plus offers you a revolutionary electronic pest control system.

Find out in this review whether Riddex Plus really works as it claims. You will also see what other have experienced with it so that you can make an informed decision on whether to acquire it.

However, please remember that this is just an objective review. Should you wish to visit the official website, you can go to https://www.freeriddex.com

What Is Riddex Plus?

Riddex Plus is a revolutionary digital pest repellant. Using a patented digital pulse technology, Riddex turns your home wiring into a pest repellant force field. It claims to repel rodents, roaches, ants and spiders using a patented digital pulse technology, which interferes with their nervous system. It is a chemical free, safe and cost effective way to get rid of insects, rodents and pests without killing them.

What Are The Benefits of Using Riddex Pulse?

According to the official website, here are the features and benefits you will get for using Riddex to rid your home of annoying pests and rodents:

  • It uses a patented digital pulse technology that emits electromagnetic forces to irritate pests and rodents thus repelling them.
  • Since it is a digital pest control solution rather than a chemical one, it has no toxic side effects that come with traditional pesticides.
  • Riddex Plus offers a one for all pest control solution. You can use it to get rid of mice and spiders the same.
  • It is safe to use this device around young children but you have to take precaution like with all other electrical devices.
  • This device comes with a built in LED indicator and nightlight making it easy to locate even when placed in dark rooms.
  • Since Riddex does not kill the pests but just drives them away, you don’t have to deal with dead animals or feel guilty about it. It is a human way to deal with pests, insects and rodents.
  • It is safe for most household pets such as dogs, fish, cats and birds. However, it is harmful for some small rodent pets such as hamsters, mice, chinchilla, gerbil, mink, rats and guinea pigs.
  • The electromagnetic force field created does not interfere with other electronic appliances within the house. This means that your other electronic devices run smoothly and safely.

How Does Riddex Plus Work?

Riddex Plus is easy to use as you just have to plug in the device in any electrical outlet in your home. Riddex Plus claims to repel pests, rodents and other unwanted animals by using hypersonic waves to create an irritating environment for them. This electronic pest control device contains a small computer like microprocessor that controls it so that it can play at different ranges to repel a variety of pests and rodents. This makes it an all in one pests, rodents and insects control solution. Over three million people have already tried the benefits of Riddex according to the official website.

Does Riddex Plus Really Work?

If you have seen the infomercial for Riddex Plus, you may be wondering whether it works as effectively as it claims to. The fact that it is sold as an as seen on TV product makes many people skeptical about trying it out.

There are mixed reactions to this product with some people reporting that it worked quite efficiently and others reporting that it disappointed them. You may have to take other actions to ensure that your home does not provide a conducive environment to rodents. While it may not work as efficiently as it promises, many people have given it a positive review in that it helped them get rid of most of the disgusting pets.

Are There Complaints About Riddex From Users?

Here are some of the criticisms this product has received:

  • There is no scientific proof to back the claims that these kinds of electronic pest control devices work.
  • Most users were highly disappointed by Riddex as it failed to deliver by not repelling all types of pests and rodents.
  • Users complained that the customer service for this product is poor.
  • There were cases of credit card overcharge for extra items delivered but not ordered.
  • Most people complain that digital pest control devices generally do not work.

Can Riddex Work for You: Tips to Get Best Results

  • Don’t completely rely on Riddex Plus. Keep your house clean, humid free and use other solutions to keep pests and rodents away.
  • For an area of more than 2000 sq ft, you will need to plug two devices in opposite ends for effectiveness.
  • Read and follow the instructions and warnings before plugging it into the socket and actually using it.
  • Keep entrances and exits closed so that rodents to not get out before they are fully affected by the device.
  • Do not keep food supplies and other things that can attract rodents before they are affected by the device.

Should You Get Riddex Plus?

Riddex Plus has worked for some users and disappointed others. The only way you can find out whether it will work in your case is by trying it risk free with the free trial offer. If you find that it does not work for you, just return it and get your money refunded. This way, you have nothing to lose since Riddex is also non-toxic. For it to work effectively, you need to ensure your home is not conducive to pests and rodents.

It is worth trying if you have tried traditional pest control methods in vain. If it works for you, you will find that it is an easy and cost effective solution to have a pestless home. Although the manufacturers claim that it does not affect pets, you should be concerned if you keep small pets in your home as Riddex Plus can irritate them as well.

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