Pasta Boat Review

Hello and thanks for visiting this Pasta Boat Review. If you don’t love cooking or have an extremely busy schedule, being able to prepare a quick meal without using multiple pots is very desirable. The Pasta Boat makes it possible to prepare pasta fast and easy using just a microwave.

Find out in this review what Pasta Boat is, the benefits you will get from using it and whether it really works.

However, please keep in mind that this is just a review. If you would like to visit the official product site for more information, you can go to

What Is Pasta Boat?

Pasta Boat is a microwave pasta cooker. This innovative container also serves as a strainer, server and storage for the kitchen. It makes it possible to cook, strain and serve pasta using just a microwave. Pasta Boat is a multipurpose container that can also be used to store left over food in the fridge or freezer. Apart from pasta, you can use it to cook rice. Some users also use this microwave container to steam vegetables such as broccoli, potatoes and cauliflower.

What Are The Benefits of Using Pasta Boat?

According to the official product website and what satisfied users have to say, here is what makes cooking pasta with Pasta Boat better than any other way:

  • This cooker redistributes heat evenly to all the pasta making cooking efficient and fast.
  • The strainer lids make the straining process an easy one.
  • It comes with a recipe book, which contains instructions on how to use it to prepare meals such as pasta and steaming vegetables.
  • The handles help you to measure out perfect pasta portions without second-guessing yourself.
  • You can leave and store the leftovers in the fridge using the same container and then reheat using the microwave without having to move leftovers between containers and pots. This way, you use fewer dishes.
  • It makes cooking pasta easy and enjoyable, even if you have less time, dishes or don’t enjoy cooking.
  • You don’t have to use multiple pots and strainers to cook pasta. This means you reduce time spent cleaning after cooking.
  • You can use it to make all types of pasta including Penne, Macaroni, Shells and Rigatoni. You can also cook gluten free and whole food pasta with it.
  • With this cooker, there is no tearing of stuffed pasta or Lasagna when cooking.
  • It is easy to clean. You use fewer dishes and you will take less time cleaning.
  • It is a large container so you can use it to serve even many people.
  • It is an all in one cooker, strainer, server and storage container. This makes it a very handy container in the kitchen.
  • You can also use it to steam vegetables using the microwave.
  • It is time efficient since you don’t have to monitor the pasta as it cooks. You just place it in and set the timer.

How to Prepare Pasta with Pasta Boat

Pasta Boat makes cooking pasta a very simple process. This microwave-cooking container comes with instructions and timing to follow as you cook. After you condition it to prepare pasta by putting water in it and microwaving it, you just have to follow these steps to have your pasta dish ready for eating:

  • Step 1: Put in your favorite pasta in the Pasta Boat Container.
  • Step 2: Add water to the pasta through the serving line. You can add hot water to reduce the cooking time significantly.
  • Step 3: Place Pasta Boat without the lid in the microwave and set the timer.
  • Step 4: Once the time is over, strain and serve the pasta. It takes about 18-20 minutes to prepare pasta using this container.

Does Pasta Boat Really Work?

Pasta Boat does cook pasta and rice like it says. Most users are satisfied with what it does and agree that it delivers on its promises. To make the cooking process faster, most users recommend adding hot water rather than cold water since the microwave will not have to heat the water first.

After placing your order, the delivery takes a little bit longer than promised. The other problem you may experience is that it may leak on your microwave but you just need to remove the grass tray and wash it. You also need to have a big enough microwave for the container to fit in.

Where to Buy Pasta Boat and What You Get When You Order

You can buy Pasta Boat from your local stores. The most cost efficient and convenient place to buy from the official website as you can benefit from the special offer. The only problem is that most users complain of ordering problems, shipping delays and overcharging when you order.  Here is what is included in the current double offer. You will have to foot the shipping and handling costs though.

  • The Pasta Boat set that you order.
  • Another free set for which you will just pay the shipping cost.
  • Two stay cool handles for measuring the perfect portions of pasta.
  • Two built in strainer lids that make straining a breeze.
  • Two steam racks.
  • Two 30 recipes booklet with instructions to follow as you prepare food.
  • A food chopper for preparing food ingredients.

Is Pasta Boat Worth Getting?

If you love pasta or steamed food, the microwave Pasta Boat is a must buy. It will also work great if you want to save time, as you don’t have to monitor the pasta as it cooks. At the end of your cooking, you will only have one dish to wash. For busy people, it is a great way to prepare a quick and hassle free meal. The best thing is that it is a multipurpose kitchen tool. You can use it to cook, strain, store, serve and steam food. This innovative container will come in handy for any kitchen.

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